Well, Water Testing Labs….. The National Ground Water Association has advised bacteria, nitrates and any contaminants of local concern to test their water at least annually. More frequent tests should be considered if:

•       The wells have changed the taste, smell or appearance of water or when problems arise such as broken caps, flooded water discharge or new pollution sources.

•       The septic system has recently been faulty.

•       Monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of home water treatment equipment.

Contact  your local health or environmental health department for recommendations regarding your location specific test type and frequency. To explain the results of your water test – and what the health risk or aesthetic problem might be – ask the lab or your county health department for a test.

Common sources of good water nitrate are fertilizers, septic systems, animal fertilizers and sewage lines. In a word   Nitrate also occurs naturally from the breakdown of nitrogen compounds in soil and rocks. High levels of nitrate in good water represent a health concern and can also indicate the presence of other contaminants, such as bacteria and pesticides. Drink plenty of water with nitrate, especially for babies (for example, when mixed with formula).


Common additional tests are ph., hardness, iron, manganese, supplied and other aquatic components that cause plumbing, stains, water appearance and odor problems cause changes to these components can also indicate changes in your well or local groundwater. If water appears cloudy or oily, bacteria may appear in growth fixtures or if water treatment devices do not work properly, additional tests may be suggested.

Your state may or may not have recommendations for testing certain contaminants in your area. Arsenic and radon are two examples of water quality concerns in some fields. Arsenic occurs in water that comes into contact with some types of rock and soil. Radon is a colorless, odorless and odorless gas that comes to the ground from the natural radioactive decay of uranium. Radon exposure can come from two sources: the air in your home, which passes through the base and your well water (Note: Arsenic and radon are used as examples here and may not be a problem in your area, check with your state or local health department)

As the owner of a private well you are responsible for ensuring that your good water drink is safe. There are many substances that are found in good water and there is no taste, color, or smell that can affect the quality of drinking water. The only way to know if they were present your good water property has been tested before buying regularly then for common contaminants.

Why should you test your water well?

No one else will test your water. Regular testing helps to protect the health and financial security of you and your family you  need to invest in your own home. The only reliable way identify  your water pollutants and test it. Laboratory tests provides you with information about your good water quality.

When should you test your good water?

In addition to the annual test as a personal good owner. Your drinking water should be tested whenever:

• When you notice a change in the taste, smell or color of your water

* before buying or selling a home with a private coupe ( It is In some cases may be required, check with your real Estate agent or county health department)

* before and after any type of water treatment method.Due to differences in groundwater quality throughout. It is good to contact your drinking water company in Arizona. Information to help you determine

The local health department will be informed ___The key is to be checked, as there may be problems with local pollution. Affect  the quality of your drinking water. The most common time Examining  the water quality of your home when you are buying a home Or having trouble. Well Water Testing Labs

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