5 Best Water Test Kit – {Complete Guide 2020}

Water always carries the risk of being contaminated by harmful bacteria. Whether you use it for laundry, drinks, bathing or swimming, there is always a risk of exposure to contaminants. Therefore, water quality is a concern for many people.

Did you know that you can test the quality of the water you use? There are water test kits that let you check if your water is good. There are different types of kits as well and they allow people to use healthy water at multiple prices.

What does a water test kit do?

The water test kit has one goal – to detect contaminants in your water, so you can take appropriate measures to ensure your own safety. Water test kits detect many contaminants: such as iron, lead, nitrate, nitrite, alkalinity, pesticides, hardeners, bacteria and more. Home water test kits can detect these and not only from different water sources, but also allow you to live a healthy life with safe and pollution free water.

5 Best Water Test Kit 2020 – Top Picks

  1. Health Metric Test Kit
  2. HoneForest Water Quality Tester
  3. Drinking-Water Test Kit
  4. Tap Score Active Home Water Test
  5. JNW Direct Water Tester

1. Health Metric Test Kit

Health Metric Test Kit

Health Metrics is a brand that offers you to test the amount of water you are using within the affordable range. That being said, this health test kit can test for various contaminants in the water. For example, test concentrations of bacteria, hazardous chemicals, lead, copper and other metals are found in the kit. In the overall construction, all the strips are made from top-notched material. In addition, the test kit is protected with a strong wrapper so that it can be used for a long time. So In short, when you consider the health metric test kit you will be able to try different tests on how much water you are using in the house; This is the main reason why people like it.

2. Drinking-Water Test Kit

Drinking-Water Test Kit

Do you need to test for multiple contaminants? OK, then you should know that this kit has 10 tests in one! Therefore, you can test the water for pH, copper, pesticides, iron, lead, bacteria, nitrites and nitrates, chlorine, hardness and alkalinity. It is best not to risk eating any of these, as they can be harmful to your health. So, this water test kit may prevent you from doing it.

You can get results easily and quickly without having to mail to the lab first. This makes it easier for you to find out if your water is safe at the right time so you can take action as soon as possible.

Additionally, this water test kit comes with a manual and color chart to make reading easier. It’s made in the United States, so if you’re in the United States, you can easily get it.

3. HoneForest Water Quality Tester

HoneForest Water Quality Tester

HoneForest Water Quality Tester offers to test the water temperature as well as the number of different contaminants in the affordable range. Using this tester, you can check the quality of the water you are drinking, available in the aquarium or the water you are using to wash clothes and other work. Also, this water tester is extremely easy to use because it only needs to be immersed in water. After a short time, the LCD meter will show you the temperature along with other metrics of water. However, one thing you should keep in mind is that this water test kit does not check the pH of the water. So, this is a feature that you have to compromise if you are thinking of getting a Honeforest water quality tester.

4. Tap Score Active Home Water Test

Tap Score Active Home Water Test

If you are looking for a water test kit for your home, the Tap Score Activated Home Water Test is a valuable but informative option. And this mail-in water testing kit will screen your samples for more than 100 different contaminants using a network of EPA, ISO and ELAP laboratories. You get results in about 10 days and the contaminants are quantified to get more insight into the quality of your home water.

A big advantage of the Tap Score water test kit is that your analysis includes water treatment advice and the support of a team of water engineers and experts. The agency said it is not affiliated with any water treatment agency and provides purposeful advice on how to deal with problematic contaminants or how to improve the general quality of your water by drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry and more. Experts who take advantage of the Tap Score team’s personalized recommendations have been able to be helpful and the service really sets this water testing kit apart for the home.

5. JNW Direct Water Tester

JNW Direct Water Tester

The latest home water test kit on my list is the JNW Direct Water Tester. This tester kit is limit to water hardness or softness verification only. Therefore, it cannot be use to test for contaminants in water. Well, as far as test criteria are concerned, it can be run at home. On the other hand, the results were satisfactory because they emphasized that the water is hard or soft.

How to choose the best water test kit?

                    Complete guide …….If you are going to invest in a water test kit, there are a few important things to consider:

1 Your needs

First you need to figure out your own needs before making any decisions. For example, if you want error-free results, you should choose a test kit that offers water quality testing from the lab.

Home water test kits are also available in the market if you need to test the concentration of different contaminants in the water at home. Until the end, to test the efficiency of the water softener, you should test a kit that can only test the hardness level of the water.

2 See water source

Before you choose a water tester, make sure you have found the source of the water. Some test kits may offer versatile use but most of them are limite to specific water sources.

So, to keep yourself away from encouraging water, it is better to test the source of the water you want, i.e. pool water, aquarium water, or drinking water.

3 Complex or simple test method?

Complex testing methods require laboratory testing which is expensive, but it is the best way to test water quality.

However, if you are on a low budget, the only option is to order home water test kits and test the water quality yourself.

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