What is water pump?

A water pump is a mechanical device designed to conduct coolant through water-cooled engines. Although not all water-cooled engines use water pumps, these components are at the heart of almost all modern water cooling systems. The water pump is usually driven by the rotation of the crankshaft, although this can be done in a variety of ways. There are several types of pumps that are commonly used.

History of water pumps

Water pumps predate the invention of internal combustion engines. Pumps of different designs have been used for various purposes throughout history, but the immediate predecessor of modern water pumps was used to conduct water in steam engines. Since these external combustion engines were designed to require the constant addition of new water, these pumps were not engineered to reduce water loss.

These primary water pumps were so badly sealed that the reason the pump shafts were sealed could be detected in most cases. They usually used an oiled rope seal which provided an incomplete seal in the design. This was not a problem with steam engines, it quickly became an issue with water-cooled internal combustion engines.

Although we know about many types of water pumps, very few people know about siphon’s water pump. Today we will learn about this water pump.

Throughout the first decade of automobiles, water-cooled engines were seen as incredible. This led to the initial success of air cooling, although the problem of inherently leaking water pumps was finally solved during World War II. At that time, carbon seal pumps were made that were almost never leaked.

Earlier, water was stored in large containers, but after many days, the water containers were changed. If the size of the pot was large, it would not be possible to remove the pots. This is why a special method was used as a simple technique to transfer water, later scientist Pascal discovered some specific formulas for this method. This method is similar to a siphon’s water pump.

How to make the pump:

Whatever it takesঃ

  • 3/4 of the pipes, (only 3/4 of the pipes or straws that are provided with the juice bottle)
  • 1 scotch tape,
  • 2 water containers or glasses, medium size only Water

What to do:

First take 2/3 of the straws and tie them together with scotch tape to make them “U” shaped so that they are a little longer on one side.

This time I put 2 water jugs or glasses side by side, but the water jug ​​or glass should be placed a little higher.

Now take the attached “U” shaped pipe and dip the small end in the water at the top end. Then I put the other end in my mouth and blew a little. Then as soon as this edge is removed from the mouth and left in the empty container, water will start coming from the top container.

In the normal process, water will continue to fall in the lower container until the upper container becomes dehydrated

How it works:

Naturally gravity causes water or any substance to flow from top to bottom all the time. However, in the case of this siphon pump, air pressure plays an important role as an external influencer for water to flow from the upper container to the lower container. Blowing with the mouth from the bottom end puts pressure on the top end, which creates a gap at the bottom after the mouth is removed, then some water along with the wind blows from the top to fill the gap at the bottom and a motor-like stream of water. Continues.

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