Water pumps predate the invention of internal combustion engines

Farmers are buying dry rivers and irrigation pumps

The water of the Keleghai River provided water for boro cultivation. Irrigation water was given to Boro cultivation by installing river pumps under the supervision of Irrigation Department. But in the last few years, due to the drying up of river water during the Boro season, the supply of irrigation water from that river pump has been completely stopped. In this situation, as an alternative to save the borough, the farmers have installed deep irrigation pumps in the field for water at their own expense.

Gopalpur gram panchayat and several villages of Gokulpur gram panchayat along the banks of Keleghai river in Potashpur-1 block. The cultivation of those areas mainly depends on the river water. River pumps are installed in the river banks by the Irrigation Department to use the river water for agriculture. In the early part of the Boro season, river water could be pumped out for cultivation, but the farmers faced irrigation problems at the time of ripening. This is because the river pump could no longer be used to reduce the amount of water in the river. As a result, Boro farmers had to face losses. Farmers were forced to go in search of nearby ponds or water bodies to get water supply. But in most cases there are complaints that the water does not match properly. The same picture could be seen in several mouzas including Ayambarbaria, Gokulpur, Kunjberia, Gopalpur. Earlier, boro was cultivated in 20 to 25 acres of land in all these areas. But due to the advancement of advanced yielding seed technology, it is now cultivated in about 100 acres of land. In early January, Boro was planted with irrigation water pumps, but by the end of the year, farmers have installed deep irrigation pumps at their own cost.

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According to the farmers, they have to pay Rs 816 per acre to the irrigation department for irrigation. But the water does not match in time. So let’s take initiative to solve this problem ourselves. ‚ÄĚThree deep irrigation pumps have been installed in Kunjberia mouza with the permission of the power department. However, if the government had installed deep irrigation pumps, the rent for water and deep irrigation pumps would have to be paid at Rs 2,200 per acre.
Now, like the farmers, installing the pumps themselves will reduce the cost a lot. Only electricity will cost. Sadhan Ghanta and Nimai Roy, two farmers from Kunjberia village, said, “Everyone is forced to save their crops due to water problem in the river. We have raised money and installed deep irrigation pumps in the field.”

Prabhuram Das, deputy chief of Gopalpur gram panchayat, said, “Irrigation department pumps cannot be operated as there is no water in the river all year round.” For cultivation, the farmers of Kunjberia area temporarily installed deep irrigation pumps with the permission of the power department to provide water to the borough. However, the Irrigation Department was not informed about this.

Vibhas Jana, an officer at the Kanthi Water Resources Research and Development Department, said, “It is not known whether the water in the river has dried up and there is a problem of irrigation in agriculture.” We have not received any such complaint till date. If the farmers make such a complaint, it will be taken seriously. ” water pump

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