Do you need water directorate, office? As the only representative Water Point Cosmetal Poland has non-cylinder water suppliers for use in restaurants, hotels, offices, offices, clinics and hospitals, schools, parks and sports facilities, fitness salons and domU. Water Dispenser

Cosmetal is today the largest Italian manufacturer and international leader in the production of innovative solutions for drinking water. The production of refrigerators in both bottled and water is 100% made in Italy. Both boasting a wide range of offerings from the cosmetic industry in terms of the type of product supplied, water – room temperature, cold, hot, flashing – as well as various models are available.

With the international commitment to the quality of its products, this craftsman has taken the company to a level of enthusiasm and has become a supplier to several important purchasing groups in Italy and around the world, for which custom designs have been created.

High-class cylinder free water supplier

High-Class is a top-class water supplier, designing and planning for all applications and interiors. It uses the latest technological solutions and the best materials guaranteeing maximum efficiency and reliability, allowing you to reach 45 L / H cold and sparkling water and 13 L / H hot water.

It provides four types of water: room temperature, cold, shimmering and hot, which can fit in vessels of different heights thanks to the adjustable spouts. Modern form; The front made of black mirror glass in combination with stainless steel and an aesthetic control panel makes a product with very high utility standards.

Pro-stream cylinder free water supplier. Cold, hot and fizzy water

The Pro-Stream is a pourer with thermally insulated columns, a control touch panel and a modern and sophisticated design that clearly informs about the operating position of the device including its operation: ready, hot, closed. It works in variants with a boiler, a refrigerator and a gassing system.

The system also has a sensitive system that controls the operating mode of the device, automatically reducing power consumption. It delivers hot water with a temperature of 98 degrees Celsius from the moment of switching, enabling it to fill 250 cups per hour with a capacity of 215 ml, as well as the option of cold and sparkling water up to 15 L / h. It can be used to make tea and coffee and other hot drinks in a quick and practical way.

Climate water supplier

AQUALITY – A CYLINDER FREE WATER SUPPLY: Made with the best materials to ensure reliable operation and durability with efficient, solid, modern look. The applied technical and technological solutions ensure easy and safe operation, significantly reducing operating costs and significantly affecting operating costs.

The free equity water cooler provides cool and filtered 22 l / h, enough for 40 people. Equality This water cooler uses ICE Bank technology, directly connected to the water supply. There are no built-in reservoirs, which provide a higher level of health protection as water is not stored on weekends and holidays.

Main water cooler saves storage space. Stylish look suitable for any environment. Equality has a huge distribution opening that lets you fill jugs and bottles.

J-Class cylinder free water supplier

Water Dispenser
Water Dispenser

The J-Class water supply is synonymous with high quality and best technology, which makes them a reliable device in the hands of the user, due to its versatility, it is used in offices, bars, small restaurants and homes.

They are available in two forms: top and bottom of the counter, distributing four types of water: room temperature, cold water, hot water and carbonated water at 98 C, two capacities 30 L / h and 45 L / h.

Niagara Top Cylinder Free Water Supplier

Niagara – Durable and reliable professional devices from this family of water suppliers that replace bottled water, simplify operation, eliminate inspection and storage requirements, save time and provide logistical benefits, and provide the highest quality and efficiency.

Therefore, they are designed for a large number of applications, guaranteeing trouble-free operation during the delivery of large amounts of carbonated and non-carbonated water, allowing you to quickly and cost-effectively reduce virtually all types of vessels. There are three models: top countertop, under-mounted and free-standing.

Drink Tower Cylinder Free Water Supplier

Ideal for delivering plenty of cold water, both static and sparkling. It fits perfectly in the catering sector: in bars, restaurants, hotels and canteens. The distributor can be connected to any under-counter system to meet any distribution requirements. Ease of use and choice of high-quality materials guarantees maximum hygiene and at the same time reduces the need for unusual maintenance.

Cylinder-free H2 and water supplier mine

H2O We Water Suppliers are a great source of flavored water at room temperature with compact dimensions, modern design, simple and intuitive operation, being cool, flashing and hot. Water Dispenser

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