The most wonderful object in the world is water. Without H2O, there would have been no life on earth, and we would have been completely different to see this beautiful world. Whether you drink today or drink a glass of H2O, one day Julius Caesar, Mahatma Gandhi Joan of Arc, Rabindranath Tagore, Martin Luther King, or Adolf Hitler had to eat the same compound. The amazing thing about water is that H2O is never fully usable, H2O is renewed or recycled. Simply put, H2O becomes recyclable. Therefore, H2O floats in the flora, fauna, river, sea, or upper atmosphere. The whole world is so drained that the planet is called a vast ocean of relaxed H2O. In addition to the surface waters of the sea, rivers, lakes, and creeks, large quantities of H2O are circulating in the atmosphere in the form of clouds and mist. In addition, many H2O bodies are tied to the ground H2O reservoir called aqueduct. Whole life and human civilization depend on water……!!! Lifewaterss will be able to use all kinds of water and learn a lot……….By Visiting