Why is water wet?

Why is water wet? – Yes, this property of any substance is inherent in water and other liquids for the same reasons like snow cooling, fire heating etc. They are supposed to be wet. However, icy water (ice) does not get so wet. And steam (another state of water) is not quite wet, but more humid.

An interesting question for all its apparent simplicity.

It moisturizes, moisturizes whatever is in contact with it. And indeed, it’s not so “wet”. It does not wet the metal, plastic and greasy surfaces badly. In this case, for example alcohol and kerosene recover a lot, Vita. There is a strong interaction of water between the molecules, so where some liquid spreads over the surface, water collects in droplets and due to the tensile strength of the water surface some insects can move around quietly by the way, the fact that the water is not enough; Soap and other soaking agents – invented detergents.

Water is wet because it can take any form, penetrate any surface or object that even has a microscopic pore and almost all objects start getting wet and absorb water on contact with water, this is why water is called wet. Another option is that another property of water is not suitable.

Question, why water is wet, refers to the questions of physics, about which children are not aware even when they ask such questions. Above all, wet dry, not moist, saturated in water. This is because the concept refers to the property of water to connect and hold different surfaces. And this property, in turn, relates to the mobility of water molecules, especially and in general cases, liquids.

Water molecules in the liquid state are much more mobile than in the solid state, but their bonds are stronger than in the vapor state. This allows water molecules to enter the pores of other substances while maintaining their own bonds. Moisture sticks to the substance, making it wet. This gives the sensation coat; Sputum coat; Water.

Is water wet?

A very interesting question – in my opinion, its origin is not correct. Water – not coat; Wet; it’s worth; Liquid; (Or whatever else). We refer to wet only objects or things that come in contact with liquid creatures and as a result have visible consequences, so to speak, quotations; Wet effectcoat! True; Quote Drying effect; Otherwise, the stain no longer gets wet, but for example, sticky (although it looks like it gets wet). Almost no liquid in the coat; Tongue – Wet water comes first in the liquid world only because of its quantitative superiority!

In fact, the question seems very simple at first glance. Because when you start digging and try to figure out the reason, nothing understandable is given. But the question is children! And here’s how experts answer it:

D. In nature, there are two energy forces: 1) magnetic waves, which compress the earth and which fight against evaporation. 2) Magnetic waves, which always lead to the force of magnetic contraction. The interaction of these magnetic forces determines the temperature of the land. If expansion forces exist, water evaporates. That is, due to the magnetic force of the expansion, water particles are trapp in space. The air and water vapor are cool during the expansion, therefore, the water vapor turns into gas!

Water-gas becomes a liquid, it is only synthesized (compressed) as a result of the force of external compression: when the magnetic compression waves cut through the magnetic expansion wave, the clouds compress and press on the ground, so all the bodies of the earth can be in their five states: Hard, liquid, gaseous, in the form of electrical energy (fire)) and magnetic compression energy! That is, all body, matter and chemical elements clamp the electromagnetic energy!

In general, water does not get wet, it solidifies when it is frozen at temperatures below zero, liquid when it is normally zero to 100 degrees Celsius and aerates when the temperature is equal to or above 100 degrees. However, items and materials that have been found to be water under normal conditions remain wet at temperatures from zero to 100 degrees or when they are treat in gaseous conditions above 100 degrees.

Those. Wet is water that has water in its natural form with its exposure to the surface. A person who mixes most of his water will not always get wet, since he is cover with skin, so he will get wet only if there is water on his skin. Well, he can still sweat.

The paradoxical question is, in fact, quot. Why is the water wet? Quote, hey, I don’t think the answer will ever be)

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