How powerful is our immune system?

Coronavirus for Alert: …………… If more panicked, the fear of infection will increase the risk of infection all the time. Because it has the potential to reduce immunity. COVID-19 is not positive when it comes to colds, coughs, fever, and it is not positive if it is death. So be careful not to be afraid. Now turn your attention to yourself without looking at the virus.

Our environment is full of viruses, bacteria, etc. There is also multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. But in most cases, we are not infected. Some are easily infected again. One of the major reasons for this is our immunity. The stronger the immune system, the less likely it is for a bacterial infection. This immune system can be strengthened by keeping white blood cells (WBC) normal in our blood. This WBC protects us when any germs enter the body.

There are many good tips for preventing corona.

Reading masks, cleaning hands with soap, not rubbing your nose, staying home, maintaining social distance, and more. Doing everything to protect yourself. Not only will it be a heavy lock on the door, but it will also have to be strengthened. That is, in addition to all the work we have to do to increase the immunity of our body. But how can we do that?

In the beginning, panic, alleviation of fear. Do not spend idle time at home. Keep the body strong. Do not weaken the body by waking and neglecting at night on vacation. This will increase the risk of infection. Do some exercises while at home. Take a walk. Try to be in a relaxed mood. Sleep, eat, rest properly. If you are at home, spend time with your family. Tell stories with them, make fun times.

Coronavirus for Alert

Vitamin C

Eat a vitamin C diet. Drink plenty of water, including guava, orange, tamarind, tomato, banana, milk, greens, protein, and other foods. For protein, you can eat Khichuri.
“Combine lentils and mung beans”. You can eat multivitamin tablets if needed. Apply sunshine to the body, it will be filled with vitamin D deficiency. Knowing the details, you can add the necessary foods to your food list. You can protect your body by eliminating the habit of smoking. In this way, the body can be tried to increase the immune system.

Be careful not to overdo the physical weakness or illness for any other reason. The biggest thing is if you can protect yourself. That is why you can take these actions into consideration. Practices like these can help you reduce the risk of any infection, not just corona. Being panicked is not a solution. The solution is to calm down and take effective action. Wishing everyone good health. May Allah protect us from this plague.

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