Coronary infection is highest

US President Donald Trump says coronavirus infection in the United States has reached its peak. He hoped the corridor could be relaxed in several states this month. Trump spoke at a regular press conference at the White House on Wednesday. This was reported in an online BBC report. At a press conference, Trump said that after discussions with governors, directions could be given on Thursday to resume state action. Trump wants to bring the country back to the way it was before,

According to the latest data, the number of people infected with Covid-19 in the United States has exceeded 637000. So far, 30826 people have died. Although the virus originated from China, most people have been infected and died in Corona so far in the United States.

“Looking at the statistics, we have passed the peak of the transition,” Trump told reporters at the White House’s Rose Garden. Hopefully, this will continue. we will continue to make great progress. ‘ Journalists want to know to Trump that the number of dead people infected with coronavirus worldwide is 136908. In the United States alone it is more than 30000.

Why is the death rate higher in the United States?

In response, Trump said other countries had given false information about the death toll. He mentioned China’s name at the time and said, “Can anyone believe what they have said?”

Earlier, the US administration was considering the 1 may as a possible date for opening various states. Trump, however, said it would be possible to start some activities in some states before that time. He said it would be a great time. At this time, the journalists want to know whether the death toll can increase if it is opened. Then Trump said that even with the closure, death was involved. Trump thinks the lockdown is causing a great deal of damage to people’s mental health. Millions of people are now jobless by losing employment. The unemployment allowance record was recorded. Meanwhile, governors in Connecticut, Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania have issued instructions that masks should be worn if residents come out the week before.
“We will go back to normal, but it will be a new kind of normalcy,” Connecticut Governor Led Lamont said.

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