Corona Crisis

The United States can announce a $ 2 trillion or $ 2 billion rescue package to recover from the Coronavirus crisis, but can Ecuador or Egypt or Bangladesh be able to do so? This question was raised by Professor Yuval Noah Harari of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. He said he was planning a global plan to recover from the Corona crisis.

Lulu Garcia-Navarro, the presenter of US media NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday, spoke to Professor Harari about the current crisis.  In that audio interview, Harari answered several questions. The main point of this conversation was what would happen if the Corona epidemic stopped. Evaal Noah Harari, a professor of history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, expressed his views on this. “Everything is changing at this time of the coroner,” said Professor Harari.


The way we are working, living, communicating, what is expected of the government is changing. Coronavirus epidemic has changed this in our lives. ”Concerning the widespread social scrutiny during the epidemic, Harari said,” There is an experiment going on everywhere.” All my university courses are taken online. Thought for years. But not done. Now we have a huge test. Imagine what happens when the whole university is taken online?


There has been talk of income for universities for years. Now the US government has stepped in. What happens when millions of people work from home without going to the office or factory? So these are all part of the social experiment, which is being done on a wider scale. It can change the world. We can predict what will happen. Because the real thing is we have a lot of favorite things to do. Not only will we get a predetermined result from this epidemic, “Harari said in reply to another question,” The crisis could completely destroy the organized labor system. Or we can reverse the trend. People will understand the importance of having a social security system like health care in government financing. It can go anywhere. People need to understand that we have many choices.

While history is fast approaching, it is a small window of opportunity. It’s going fast. Now, the government is willing to try the ideas that were previously thought to be insane. And when it’s over, it can go back to its previous location. Whoever happens to be president in 2021 (US), it is basically like coming to another party after one party is over. The only thing left to do is clean the dirt.

Corona Virus Crisis
Yuval Noah Harari

The government will spend trillions of dollars over the next few months. So it is important to understand the problems we are facing now. It is important to consider not only the health sector constraints, how many people are injured or how many ventilators are involved but who will get the resources. The idea of ​​a firm can be overturned quickly. It has completely shocked politicians in most countries. They were not ready for this situation at all. They had no idea what to do. So this is a rare opportunity to change their mindset. What they would not have thought in general, now is the time to try it. But it can have both sides. Professor Harari’s comment on the current situation concerns, ‘One of the concerns (in the country) is the authoritarian regime. And the rise of dictatorships. It is notorious for emergency situations.


People are afraid of his life. The economy is collapsing. People expect strong leadership, who knows everything and is capable of caring for them. In some countries of the world it is also seen to happen. For example, it is Hungarian. The example of Israel can also be given. So we were able to move in a dictatorial direction. There is a need now to monitor everything. We also see the application of new surveillance methods in democratic states. In the context of Israel, Harari said the intelligence agency is being used for surveillance in Israel. Whether it’s doing (talking) or not against surveillance is a matter of concern. It can go in any direction.


When there is no transparency in the government’s own decision making, it becomes a cause for concern when it starts to collect a lot of personal information. At this time, the government also has to be monitored through parliament, citizens and the media. The government must also keep in mind that the emergency declaration cannot be made. According to Harari, ‘we have seen a severe lack of leadership in the world. It seems there is no one capable of leading. There is no global plan to deal with an emergency health situation or economic crisis. We haven’t seen the bad side of it yet. When this epidemic and economic crisis occurs in Central and South America, Africa and the Middle East, its nasty form can be seen. ‘

Drawing on the context of Bangladesh, Harari says the United States could announce a $ 2 trillion rescue package to save the Corona crisis; But Ecuador or Egypt or Bangladesh can do it? Can’t So the question is, when will (we) see the global plan? And even if it is planned, how will it cope with the epidemic and the resulting financial crisis?

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